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We imagined a world where every child should have equal access to Education, Healthcare and Opportunities. This imagination leads to the birth of a 100 Day Experiment. 

Our journey started when we made a visit to a school in a small village in Punjab, on roving around we discovered a well- equipped computer lab. We thought that the lab was immensely underutilized and the zeal of students was also hidden. 

This inspired us to experiment SOLE, Storytelling and Entrepreneurship Model with 21st-century skills which are the basic necessity of today's competitive environment. We launched our program on 9th April 2018 aimed as a 100 day experiment and we can proudly say that the experience has been magical and impactful!

The fundamental practices that helped us in our Mission


Self Organised Learning Environment  (SOLE )


and Project Based Learning

A new Paradigm for kids to learn 21st-century skills



Successful Businesses model by following triple bottom line

Creating business for a sustainable planet and generating impact-full jobs



Story Boarding,

Designing & Documentary making

An effective way to communicating with the community via visual thinking

Our Motto

Through Origin - We are creating leaders of sustainable tomorrow who can use 21st century skills to meet the SDGs before 2030

One Step, One Child, One Home, One Village, One Community at a time!

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Before project ORIGIN: couldn't even talk to us when we first interacted with her out of shyness and lack of confidence.

After project ORIGIN : interning with ORIGIN to facilitate the program in her own village. 




Before project ORIGIN: Suffered from hearing impairment which caused him difficulty in speaking and communicating effectively. 

After project ORIGIN: Stated expressing himself more effectively which helped him feel more incisive.

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Before project ORIGIN: Always had a keen interest in learning computer skills but never got the opportunity to do so.

After project ORIGIN: Stated learning computer and coding and on the final day he presented his app prototype.


AGE -22

Before project ORIGIN: Confused about what he wanted to do after completing his secondary education.

After project ORIGIN: Managing and facilitating ORIGIN program in five villages, star of his own village.

“We Don’t Teach... We Let Learning Happen”

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Source Of Unleashing Potential


We imagine a world where every child should have equal access to Education, Healthcare and Opportunities. Project ORIGIN takes it One Step forward.

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